April 07, 2013

OYUS teams have done well this volleyball season: OYUS M1 took the bronze medal in the local series and women's team finished their season to the 2nd position in the northern division of the second series. OYUS M2 is being unbeatable in their series and only two games left.


Men are playing in the hall:
Normaalikoulun ala-asteella
Yliopistokatu 48, Linnanmaa, Oulu

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Women are playing in the hall:
Tuiran ala-asteella
Koskitie 27, Tuira, Oulu

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Welcome to the website of the OYUS Team

OYUS lentopallo is responsible for Volleyball teams under patronage of OYUS Ry which is supported by University of Oulu. At this point OYUS has three teams (women and two men) that play in the different divisions.


  • Men 1
    First team plays in the Oulu A-series which is the most competitive right after the professional national series.

  • Men 2
    This year second team plays in the local series against teams located in the Oulu Region.

  • Women
    Since season 2012/2012 OYUS is proud to hosts a previous Sun Volley women team. With few new players team is aiming for the GOLD medal in the Olympic Games in Rio.

If you are know how to play and looking for competitive volleyball series, do not hesitate to contact:

OYUS Volleyball Manager:
Matti Kuusela
Tel: 0403 442 238